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We will list here any frequently asked questions.
Why doesn't the Reactor have a breather hole in the shell?
The Reactor has a hole in the top ring where you adjust the top snare and this doubles up as a breather hole.
Do Andante make drum carriers or can I use my present carrier with an Andante drum?
Andante have now started making their own drum harnesses. At present they are only available for snares and tenors - the bass drum harness is still at the design stage. These have been specifically designed for use with Andante drums but you can also use a carrier like the one pictured here with your Andante drum by removing the drum's carrying hook and leg rest. The carrier will fit neatly under the bottom edge of the top ring where you can secure it with the screws.


A visit to Andante's UK website should provide answers to most of your questions but if there is something else you would like to ask do not hesitate to get in touch