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Andante Drumming Supplies

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The Reactor Snare Drum
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 On this page we list all the Andante products we can supply. We are unable to list accurate prices on the website because they fluctuate slightly depending on the Dollar / Sterling exchange rate. However they are very competitive with the other leading brand names so please feel free to email us at any time and ask for a quote without obligation.
    As a guideline I can tell you that the snare drums we have sold to date have worked out at $850 - $900 Canadian. GST at 7% will be added to this but duties and shipping are already included. If your order requires shipping to an address outside Nova Scotia that cost would be extra. 
Don't forget the leg rest and carrying hook come as standard with the Andante Reactor so there is no extra cost for these items.

Andante Reactor snare drum

New options for the Andante Reactor are a chromescent metal finish and high gloss lacquered wood shell.

Andante bass drum

   Click on photo for other models available.

Andante tenor drum

The tenor drum is now available in three sizes.

Core-tec heads

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Andante's new state-of-the-art fabric
gives outstanding performance wet or dry

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Click on photo to see the full range of Andante accessories.

Torque limiter

Your Andante drum is a breeze to maintain
with the unique patented torque limiter.