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Next Generation Reactor 7"


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The ultimate drum carrier, designed by Gordon Brown of TG Drumming, is now being manufactured for Brown by Andante. 
Anyone who has struggled with a regular drum harness will appreciate the many user friendly features of this one. 
The main innovations which set apart the TG Snare Drum Carrier are its total adjustability and lightness for the maximum comfort of the wearer. Other little niceties are the state-of-the-art construction materials and design details which safeguard both the drum and the wearer's clothing from damage. 
Gordon has specially designed his carrier with an attachment to fit the Andante range of drums without having to remove the carrying handle and hook. Attachments are available to suit most drum makes.
The Brown carrier is unique in that it adjusts for height, shoulder width and even angle so you can play with the comfort of a harness and the feel of a sling. TG snare, tenor and bass drum carriers are available. Contact us for a quote.


Aaron Carter playing an Andante